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Covid-19 Updates

Covid-19 Updates


  • "No facemask and no face shield, no entry policy" shall be strictly implemented, except for those below two (2) years old. Children with ages between two (2) to eight (8) years old must use facemasks under adult supervision to ensure that they can breathe safely and avoid suffocation. Facemasks and face shields shall be worn properly at all times inside the premises, except when guests are eating or drinking, within their room, or engaging in strenuous physical activities that induce labored breathing.
  • Guests must be screened prior to entry in the Accommodation Establishment through: a. Body temperature check using a Thermal Scanner or Thermometer Gun; b. Completion of Health Declaration and Contact Tracing Form using a mobile application or other contactless means. Only those who are cleared during screening shall be allowed to enter. Those with body temperature exceeding 37.5 degrees Celsius or those exhibiting flu-like symptoms shall be refused entry and will be referred to the doctor on duty, to the nearest hospital, or to the Barangay Health Emergency Response Team (BHERT) in accordance with the DOH prescribed protocol. Accomplished Health Declaration and Contact Tracing Forms shall be handled and processed with confidentiality and in accordance with the Data Privacy Act, and shall be disposed of after thirty (30) days from the date of accomplishment.
  • Cashless/online modes of payment using payment applications or online transactions shall be utilized by the Accommodation Establishment for reservations or bookings. If online or mobile payment is not possible, Accommodation Establishments shall create a method for no-contact payment schemes, such as receiving cash on a small tray or leather bill folder to avoid mutual hand contact with customers.
  • Guests shall be advised to disinfect their shoes using sanitizing mats and drying pads provided at the entrance.
  • Only couples or family members who share the same household may be allowed to share rooms. A distance of 1 to 2 meters between the beds is highly encouraged.
  • Room turndown service is highly discouraged. Cleaning and sanitation of rooms shall be conducted only as may be necessary.
  • Minibars and other complimentary in-room food and beverage, except bottled water, are prohibited.


1. No sharing of food or any personal or non-personal belongings;
2. Proper disposal of used PPE;
3. Mingling with occupants of other rooms other than own family or group is prohibited;
4. Practice of proper handwashing etiquette/hand hygiene, respiratory etiquette, and
proper use of face mask; and
5. Strict observance of Physical Distancing.